We are an online technology platform that targets on the latest developments in the cloud computing industry. We are focused on giving our readers current information and value on the happenings about this new and innovative platform.

Our highly trained professionals are dedicated geeks who have tried their hands on almost all types of cloud based adventures out there. This means when they address a topic, they know what they are talking about.

We are the people you come to when you have issues with your cloud based systems including Bitcoin, Skrill, and other cloud computing technology. We focus on games because we know cloud gaming is the future. The technology available today has made it possible for gamers to play on the latest machinery without owning the latest gaming rigs available. Cloud gaming has broken new frontiers in the computer technological industry and our vision is to monitor its progress while ushering its experience to our readers.

Example of where cloud gaming provides extra value is in the online casino industry. Cloud gaming has revolutionised the way we play casino games online and especially how we play live cash games online. With games such as Blackjack and Roulette, you can now enjoy from the comfort of your living room sofa. Everyday life really improves when we can access things in the cloud.

Our Values

We believe in bringing to our audience only the most authentic and value-adding content concerning the computer world. This boils down to how we operate which is to experience the developments ourselves before writing about it.

It is our belief that the most efficient way to assist our audience when they come looking for information is to provide them with honest reviews. We give concise content which is entirely based on proven facts and data analysis. This enables our readers to use only cloud gaming services which have been proven to be completely functional and running.

The elements we look at are graphics, lag time, as well as platforms amongst many others. Although this is quite a new industry, there are already a few big names carving out a path in this new technology. Cloud gaming may not be as popular as many other gaming platforms but we believe with evolving technologies, cloud gaming will be the future of PC gaming across the world.

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We are a budding company trying to cover a huge industry. We are aware there is just so much to do that is why we encourage our readers to share their experiences with us. They can do so by writing their own content and emailing us, alongside screen shots of the actual gameplay.

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