The world is now more connected than it ever was before. People can do a whole range of stuff over the Internet which were not previously possible or thought of. It was pretty normal to go to the video store and pick a movie to play on your video tape player but with the advent of Netflix, it has become extremely normal to cuddle up on your couch and stream entire genres of movies and other entertainment through your TV.

Applications like Microsoft’s Office 365 have unleashed the power of office tools that has never been seen before. This shows the world is changing at an extremely rapid pace. This is also the same for gaming. By gaming we mean cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming is the rage now with players no longer interested in the high end consoles or swapping up cash to buy the kates graphic cards. Cloud gaming has enabled gamers to enjoy top range video games with their ordinary looking mobile devices or crappy looking PCs. But cloud gaming does not come without its hiccups.

Playing video games online already comes with lag when you have a poor connection and when you add cloud gaming to the mix, players just might be trippling the lag time. Another problem with another problem with Cloud Gaming is the amount of data one has to use to enjoy high quality games. So how do you enjoy cloud gaming? Read below for the answers:

Playing at night

This may sound ludicrous but the choice is just too obvious. When you play online video games at night, the internet speed tends to be faster. Gameplay is also smoother with negligible lag time. This is because majority of the data users are off to bed which leaves lots of bandwidth for gamers to consume.

When you couple that with a flexible night plan, this option becomes unbeatable. Data plans at night are way cheaper than plans during the day. This is so because of what is known as "peak periods" daytime has peak periods where there are many users stressing the capacity of the services.

Because of that, subscriptions are higher during these periods. But at night, the services become less strained. There are less people on the network which allows for cheaper services. For gamers who want to enjoy uninterrupted high quality cloud gaming, play at night.

Mobile Gaming

Yes. For those who cannot afford cloud gaming services on PC (it is freaking expensive) can opt for the mobile option. There are very cool games optimized for mobile platforms including popular titles like Grand Theft Auto and PUBG.

We know as the technology gets better, cloud gaming services will become cheaper. But for those gamers who cannot afford the current services as it stands can play on mobile. The lag is less, and the data consumed is minimal in comparison to PC.


With these tips on offer, you can be sure to enjoy your cloud games with ease.