MMA Manager Mobile App Review

If you love combat games that are not too violent and love being creative, then you should try out MMA Manager. This game was created by Prey, a game studio based in Sweden. The game keeps you occupied with creative ways of forming an MMA team from a gym you virtually own and using the same team to win championships. It is almost like you own a real team; therefore, you will have to come up with tricks and tactics to keep your team on top.

MMA Manager Features

Once you have installed the MMA Manager game on either your android phone or iPhone (free to download), you will have access to your gym. From there, here are the four main features that will keep you creatively involved.

Fighters Management

From the start, you will have the ability to customize your team by changing their uniform and even hair. This way, your fighters can stand out as you make them unique. With every progress in the game, you get more creative options, i.e. with different wins, you will have to unlock new options.

Managing Your Gym

Each progress gives you the chance to make your gym look flashier. You can customize your gym with as many new accessories as your level allows. From punching bags to the sofa, you will get better options. Remember, the more attractive and advanced your gym looks, the more chances you will have to get more experienced MMA players and better-paying members as well.


The essence of having a gym and good players is so you can participate and win championships. In this game, it is the player with higher statistics that gets the win; therefore, you need to focus more on building capacity for your players and coaches so you can have better scores at tournament levels.

Challenge Your Opponent’s Gym

The fight for better status does not only happen during tournaments but also involves your gym. You will see different managers who are basically your opponents. You can challenge another gym manager and buy off their best fighters. The more advanced your fighting tactics are then the more you can match your traits and tactics against that of your rival.

Quick Tips

The main aim of every manager in this game is to stand out, both with his players and the gym. Always invest in your fighters and in building your gym. The more capable a team you have, the better chances of you will have higher rankings. Get good gym trainers and fight coaches as well.

However, do not be afraid to start from the bottom with cheaper packages and work up your level. In any case, less experienced coaches are better at handling less experienced fighters since they train faster. Take as much time as possible training and planning according to the instructions provided. A long duration of training always comes in handy when preparing for tournaments.


You are not likely to win every game, but you can build an all-rounded player who wins most of the tournaments. MMA Manager is a great game and can even help you improve your creativity and strategic thinking in real life.