Biostar discloses AMC Ryan 3000 motherboards to launch at Computex

Biostar has just disclosed that it will be introducing its latest motherboards this year. This is a good indicator that there will be X570 boards also to be introduced around the same time as well. This is because there exists a norm for chip makers to introduce motherboards before the processors which they were designed for. The new X570 boards will come equipped with AM4 sockets which will make them backwards compatible with previous Ruben 1000, and 2000 CPUs.

We are also anticipating the arrival of the latest Zen 2 which will give the motherboard partners the opportunity to show off their new wares. The information reaching us is that this is no mere leak but a confirmed story straight from the company as they iron out plans to storm Computex this year.

When we look over the years, we can see there is an established pattern to the launch. The 2nd generation of the RACING motherboards got launched for the authentic Ruben chips while the 3rd generation series debuted alongside the X470. It therefore follows that the 4th Gen RACING boards must follow with the X570.

Unison to Gift Players Skins for Reporting Bugs on Rainbow Six Seige

Unison has announced it is giving in-game rewards to effectively tackle bug issues. The game giant has created a Bug Hunter Program which allows players on the Test Server send reports and make error findings.

It is doing so in a bid to reinvigorate players. Anyone who finds three bug issues gets a Frost charm. Apart from this, the developers are working hard to release further prizes in different thresholds but are yet to divulge any of the details. They are looking to set the parameters by which the issues are reported.

They must first be reported in r English language while there must be evidence to back the claim up. This could either be in the form of a video or a screenshot which shows the issue. The awards will be given to the first person who points out the problem.

There is a competitive element to this fix. Players who want to earn rewards will have to point out the issue before anyone else. Unison hopes this will ensure the bugs would be reported and fixed in a timely manner.