The tech world is gradually transforming each and every day. New technologies are invented on a daily basis which outdates those just invented in the recent past. The gaming industry is one which has taken humanity by the jugular.

Cloud gaming in particular is an aspect of gaming which is set to banish PC gaming into oblivion. It does this by trying to fix major issues which have held back the true potential of the PC. A major problem affecting PC gaming is the constant need to buy costly graphics cards in order to meet minimum benchmarks.

When you throw in other parts like motherboard, monitor, and a quality gaming keyboard, the price shoots through the roof. But this is not so with Cloud Gaming. The distinct advantage of this style of gaming is the ability to play any high end games on any device without worrying about the specifications of the game.

With a good Internet connection, cloud gaming will enable you to enjoy the best games with the highest clocking speeds with a normal computer. The major catch is the extremely good Internet connection which is necessary to prevent or reduce lag time. Although cloud gaming is a new concept, there are still lots of services offered out there. In order for you to choose wisely, we will be showing you the best out gaming services in the world right now:

Playstation Now

For those who are enthusiasts for the exclusive games on Playstation, you need not look any further. Currently, there is no reason to buy a Playstation 4 console to play some PS4 exclusives. You could do that with a dirt cheap PC. This is possible when you subscribe to Playstation now for an affordable fee of $19.99 each month or $44.99 per quarter.

The gaming experience especially the flops per second may not be as powerful as a top gaming PC but the games are very enjoyable and easy on the eyes. Other issues which may Mar experience is the latency.

GeForce Now

This is a brand new cloud gaming service that comes packed with high quality graphics as well as a fantastic performance. It gives an extremely rewarding gameplay experience with more graphics per hp, minimal latency, and top class video quality.

It is rather unfortunate Nvidia has not disclosed how much this service will be offered but it is obvious GeForce now will be compatible with both Mac and any other PC equipment. You can conveniently utilize Nvidia's GeForce Now to gain access into one of the servers owned by this tech giant which comes powers by a a Tesla P40. Streaming games comes in two options; Standard Quality, and Ultra Streaming Mode. The latter version requires an extremely strong Internet connection but compensates for this with a better frame rate and lower lag time.

Parsec Cloud Gamjng

This is a new service that is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Unlike other cloud based gaming providers in this category, Parsec enables players to utilize multi-player support. By breaking into this frontier, Parsec has set the pace for many other cloud gaming services to follow.


This is another Cloud gaming service that follows the Parser model. It offers multi-player support as well as enabling gamers to run twenty different games at the same time on the same server. It currently supports some of the most popular games including Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3 and Bioshock infonix amongst many others.

At $10 - $20 a month, this is quite a steal.


This is another cloud gaming service quickly catching on in popularity. To enjoy this service, is to purchase the 25 hour plan which comes with a huge storage space for $10. Monthly subs begin at the $19.99 mark and is cushioned with 80hrs of play time. The unique thing about LiquidSky is, the lack of game libraries which means gamers can play whichever games they own.


Cloud gaming is here to stay. There are many other cloud gaming services out there that are cool, but we believe these are the ones who currently standout from the pack.